Know who YOU are. The seeds of stars.

As Above So Below

Astrology can really help if you know where to look. I am not talking about the horoscopes some empty headed person placed in a daily publication, I am not talking mystic fucking Meg and premium telephone numbers from Shelley Von Strinckel, I am talking The Holy Science. The ancient art of astrology is a beautiful science and I appreciate it all the more because I know who I am, I am the seed of stars. YOU are.

Meditate on truth and find something that you believe in and make it work for YOU. Turn the television off and read a book. Start each day listening to Bowie, not the breakfast news so they can start you off on a negative footing. Do something kind to a stranger, or to yourself, at least once a day. Nod to the Sun and thank it for life, breath in the air and know that you are a positive and loving being, experiencing himself subjectively. Know that we are all one of the same and that there is nothing to fear. No big bad judgement, no sin. Neither Devil nor God exists, just the beauty and the science of being alive on this planet, the science and religion of Nature, of LOVE and its endless cycles of life, death and rebirth. THAT is God.

Alternately  - Continue trying to convince the world that you are happy by instagraming your shopping bags, apple products and restaurant meals and don’t forget to set your box to record all of those vacuous shows that you cannot miss. After all, it has all been DESIGNED with YOU in mind.

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